Monday, 5 March 2012

Ya Allah help me!!

"Variations in drug metabolism due to allelic variations in cytochrome P450 enzymes as determinants of personalised therapy regimes"

This is the title of my latest assignment which I do not know what the heck is this. I need to take five journals and summarize them in one essay of 1250 words. Oh Allah, please help me to complete this task since I have about one week before the submission date. Now, I realize it is not easy to become a doctor!! You know why?? Because I have another assignment which is 3250 words essay and I have to hand in a week after that. Huwaaaaa..~ Oh Allah please give me strength for me to face all these. After all, when I come across this phrase (2:216), it makes me smile and believe He is the best planner for us.

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zaid jasmin said...

insha Allah ok punye..


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